A Handmade Christmas

I decided to try a handmade Christmas this year, and as usual despite my forward “planning” I only began three days prior. Add to that I spend most of Sunday procrastinating by watching ‘Midsummer Murders” instead of designing the doll I was going to make, it’s nothing short of a Christmas miracle that they were ready for unwrapping at our Christmas eve family dinner – PHEW! 😀

handmade christmas

The fruits of my sewing labour – a handmade Christmas!

What I made:


My darling Dad passed away earlier this year. I had an idea of making something with some of his old clothes, so my Mum and my sister chose a shirt each of his that they liked and I decided to make a Dad-Shirt Cushion which is good for hugging. 🙂

dad pillow

Yes, the red and white pillow does have pirate ships, skulls and hula girls on it!


Through my obsessive softie research on Pinterest I had seen a number of amazing custom people softies so I decided to make one of my Dad for my sister. His pants and shirt are made from some of Dad’s clothes we kept – he even has a tiny hankie in his pocket!

I used some fur to make his hair – it was much too long (perfect for a Christopher Llyod doll!) so I gave it a hair cut and OMG my room was COVERED in flyaway hairs! (Being hot and having the fan on didn’t help the situation) but I really like the added ‘realness’ it give.

dad doll

Do you see a likeness? I wish I could have captured his smile, but all teeth ideas I had just looked creepy!!


My mum bought me the sewing book Hop Skip Jump and when my niece found my trial version of the Quick Red Fox she was smitten, so being the good aunty, I made one especially for her. Her excitement when opening it was magic 🙂

I used fleece for the first time which was relatively easy to sew, but despite the fleece being suuuuuuper soft and delicious, it piled on the red one particularly, so I ended up spending an additional hour snipping off all the piling. (A bit overboard?! I cant help it, I like to make things neat…except maybe my craft room!!)

fox softie

A cute fox, but the piling is annoying!


Since we had Christmas Eve with the family, we spend Christmas day with friends. They have two boys and having hit up their Mum for their favourite things I ended up making Batman inspired ‘Flynn-man’ and a Skeleton who was later christened ‘Robert’. Fair enough. 🙂

super hero softies

Robert still has pins in him – there was no time for photos after he was finished!


Lastly I decided on Christmas morning that I needed to make something last minute for our friends that we were visiting – WHY DO I DO THAT?! So at the time we were due at their place I was frantically wrapping and showering and trying to get ready – lucky their place is only 5 minutes away.

felt christmas ornaments


Remember how I said I like things neat???

craft room reality

Exhibit A – evidence of a crafting explosion 😛


It was definitely worth the time slaving away in very hot craft room, I am already thinking of ideas for next year – let’s just hope I learnt my lesson from this year and get started early! (sha, right!)

How did you go making your Christmas gifts this year?

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