A Recent History in My Sewing Creations

I have long been creating little personalised gifts for family and friends, mainly because I like the meaning behind a handmade gift, partly because I have a severe dislike for trying to think of meaningful presents to buy and, if I am perfectly honest, I am often forgetful and/or lazy and in desperate need for a last minute pressie! :/

I thought it might be nice to look back at all the things I have created so far…
(Apologies in advance for the terrible photos – most were taken in a rush before wrapping and posting the gift!)

Cute personalised onsies and easy to make!

Cute personalised onsies and easy to make! (Note to self: make sure to wash the felt first… the red apple ran all over the onesies, turning it pink! Not appreciated by the new baby boy 🙂 )

felt baby gifts

Felt friends baby mobile, felt door and pram hangers and a little mermaid

felt toy gifts

Sock monkey, felt Wookie, felt Easter bunny and felt owl


I am glad I have a record of the things I have created – it definitely shows me how far I have come! Looking at these I also realise that when making handmade presents that a little pre-planning will give me time to enjoy the process and do a better finish as well. I can only try….!!

A lot of these ideas have come off Google or Pinterest and I have just given them a go, I am pretty good and working it out in my head once I have seen it. It’s been a great introduction to making and sewing toys and now I cant wait to develop my skills to a more more refined and professional level …. let the journey begin!

What do you think when you look back at your early work?

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