A Life in the Making – kookie creatures and other creative nonsense!

Laziness is what started me on my creative path.

me and rems

Hello! I’m Emily and these are some of my creations 😀

I know I probably shouldn’t be saying that, but in my youth I was a chronic “last minuter”. Scribbling up a handmade card five minutes after I was due at a birthday party or frantically sewing a “Best Dad in the World” cross stitch on Father’s Day morning was pretty standard for me growing up!

As I grew older and my collection (ok, hoard) of craft supplies grew and I still turned my hand to making personalised cards and quirky presents. As Christmas came around for another year, I started to grow disillusioned with the mass produced plastic gifts available in shops. Their ‘generic-ness’ lacked personality, had no real meaning for me or for the person I was giving it to and I knew I could make something much better! I had visions of giving presents that people cherished all their lives, not ones that sent off to the thrift shop in the new year.

And then came Pinterest… oh Pinterest – I fell well and truly down that creative rabbit hole! Discovering wondrous plush creatures, stunning soft sculpture birds, colourful watercolour paintings, DIY jewellery tutorials spurred me into action and I set myself a handmade Christmas challenge. After the festive season I didn’t want to stop and handmade became a bigger part of my life, which is how this little venture ‘A Life In the Making’ came about.

For me, A Life In The Making is about creating a life from what I make – both for me personally as the way I make a living, but also in the things I make going out into the world to have a life of their own.

(…but not in a creepy ‘Chucky’ kind of way! 😉 )