Emily Szilveszter Artist

Natural History Illustration & Painting

I have been dabbling in the arts for many years, trying intuitive painting, sewing soft toys, femo jewellery – you name it, I have had a go at it! It wasn’t until April 2017 that I finally stumbled upon a style and subject matter that really resonated – detailed natural illustrations.

me and rems

Hello! I’m Emily and these are some of my creations 😀

It all started with a daily painting challenge for the month of April – I had been floundering around pinning instead of painting and my friend set me a challenge to paint every day for the month of April. We named the challenge “UnderwaterApril” and each day I would post my new work on Instagram under the #underwaterapril hashtag – the experience proved really helpful in finding my style and building up a portfolio of work I was proud of. I painted fish, sea slugs, turtles and seahorse – they are so many amazing and colourful creatures in nature!

I am self taught artist and paint with acylic gouache and I really like the matt opaque quality with its thick bold colours and the ability to layer.

I live in the seaside town of Yeppoon, in Central Queensland, and in 2017 I was a finalist in the 2017 Bayton Awards and a touring artist finalist in the 2017 Queensland Regional Arts Awards.
Commissions welcome! Thanks for visiting and keep up with what I am doing on Instagram!