The Doll Design Process – Felt Character Dolls

It’s funny to look back on how things came about isn’t it? I really love pop culture and have been working on a doll design that I could replicate the general look and feel, but change up enough to make any particular person I wanted – and I think I have done it! But first let’s take a trip down memory lane…

There are the first few dolls I made, based on the Gingermelon Best Friends pattern, Mimi Kirchner free felt doll pattern on Purl Bee,  pattern and the Black Apple free rag doll pattern on Matha Stewart.

Dolls - first doll comparison 29 January 2016

It was exciting times, with my hands busy sewing and my Pinterest account getting alarmingly high with inspiration pins. I did experiments in how long it takes to hand sew a doll and tried a lot of Gingermelon and Noialand designs. From there I kind of combined the two styles of smaller felt dolls and the larger ragdoll pattern which became my next doll incarnation – a David Bowie Doll. His minimal design meant it was for someone to identify the character but without too much detail.

David Bowie - Life on Mars?

Given my limited sewing skills/impatience I wanted to keep using felt, but looked at making the doll a little longer, more human shaped. You can see below the different head styles and calculations I was doing to get the right look and feel.

Developing Designs - Mr Darcy spread 3 April 2015

The one you can see in the middle is pretty much the prototype I went with but added some seam allowance so I could sew it with the sewing machine – hand sewing was way too much bustamychops for me! And this is the final outcome –


Developing Designs - Mr Darcy felt 25 June 2015

How have you gone with creating your own unique design?

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