Hello & Welcome

Hello Internet!

I have been thinking, writing and rewriting this first blog post for far too long. I wanted to start off strong with a explanation of who/what/why but all this waiting until everything is perfect is preventing me for just actually starting. So starting I am!

So, the lowdown:  I work in a creative field already, but seem to have gotten wrapped up in the every day and are not taking any time for myself. I love instagraming my cats, sewing felt creatures, research and planning and am interested in living a more simple/authentic life. Which all sounds exciting, except that at the moment the only thing I have been doing is pinning future ideas on Pinterest – essentially no actual DOING!

So this blog is to track my journey into making a creative, fulfilling life. I hope it will help keep me accountable and drive me to get out there and live more. And hopefully find some like minded people along the way!

And here goes the first step….

~ Emily

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