Weekend Project: Mr Woodland Fox

Despite my previous observations on the time it takes to hand sew felt toys, I really love sewing them, especially ones from Ginger Melons beautiful designs. My most recent pattern purchase has been the woodland creatures and I was very excited to give Mr Woodland Fox a go!


Making Mr Fox was a little quicker to make due to machine sewing the body. It also called for Fray Check for the eyes and being me, I hadn’t read the pattern when I first got it and was a 1.5 round trip away from getting any… so what is a girl to do? Improvise with.. superglue!! Well, it worked for the most part, although some parts were veeeery hard to punch the needle through! ( I have since added fray check to my inventory).

Making a mess in the making... and doesn't the face from the back look creepy!?!!

Making a mess in the making… and doesn’t the face from the back look creepy!?!!

There is a little bit of machine sewing which sliiiiighly makes things faster. It is probably because this is my fourth or fifth Ginger Melon pattern, but the progress of this one felt more streamlined and more enjoyable since I was not stressing about time or understanding what I am to do.

The bits and pieces of Mr Fox.

The bits and pieces of Mr Fox all in a row.


Okaaaaaay, so I think Mr Fox is the CUTEST THING EVER! I really love his angled head and I think the colours I chose really offset each other well. I really love him! I think when I get the chance I will do a batch sew up of some more – what’s the group name for foxes?

I shall have a skulk of foxes! 😀

Gah! Cuteness overload!

Gah! Cuteness overload!

What animal do you love to make?

~ Emily

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