Hand Sewing Learning: Noialand Patterns

Since discovering the world of softies and the awesome creations you can hand make with felt, I have wanted to drive further into it. Having done some basic sewing, I was keen to learn some more techniques and found the cute creations of Noialand on Etsy to get me started.


I chose this pattern first because I wanted to know more about sewing the different leg lengths and having both a tall Peter Pan and a smaller Tinkerbell in the one pattern means I could try both at once. The pdf pattern Noialand provided is excellent quality with lots of coloured images and detailed instructions that are easy to follow. The only downside I can see is that it would take a lot of ink to print so I chose to only print the actual pattern pieces and referred to the instructions on the original pdf on my laptop when I started sewing.

Fly away to Never Never Land my little pretties!

Fly away to Never Never Land my little pretties!


I really enjoyed sewing my first Noialand pattern, but I wanted to try one with some clothing and variation on the design, so the Beauty and The Beast pattern was perfect with his little jacket and her full dress and hair piece. Things definitely went faster knowing some of the techniques a bit better!

The Beast looks better thank usual since I never got around to making his beast mask - opps!

The Beast looks better thank usual since I never got around to making his beast mask – opps!

For my first foray into working from a pattern this small and learning all the techniques, I am very happy with how lovely they turned out! But there was obviously somethings that didn’t work so much.

Some of the issues I encountered - mainly related felt and my skills!

Some of the issues I encountered – mainly related felt and my skills!


1. I had bought a bundle of about 40 felt squares that was a combination of 60% wool and 40% viscose. It has a lovely soft feel but it a bit flimsy for this type of sewing, and as you can see on the Beast black pants, it split when in areas under pressure (holding in legs). It also became a bit ‘furry’ with strands coming up as I worked with it, so I am on the look out for some different felt.

2. Some of the edges were lumpy and not flat. I did some research and I think I am pulling the thread too tight, so I will try to be more delicate next time (pfft, me delicate!)

3. Wobbly heads! I followed the instructions and even looked at Noialand’s flickr page to try and see in detail how to do it but no such luck. Beauty looks like she has been on the champers and can’t hold her head up straight! I will persevere!

4. Peter Pan stabbed me a few times with his toes, so I had to turn the pipe cleaners over at each end to be safe. Wouldn’t be good to give to a small one and have them poke an eyes out!

I am so excited to start this journey! If you want to try your hand at hand stitching one of these cuties or one of the many others she has available, check out Noialand on Etsy.

What felt do you recommend when hand sewing your pieces? I’d love to know!

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2 thoughts on “Hand Sewing Learning: Noialand Patterns

  1. Judy Hudgins says:

    You may have already figured out the issues you mentioned but thought I would write just in case. You are on the right track with folding the pipe cleaners (chenille stems) over a bit before using, but I also put a tiny bit of stuffing in the hands or feet/legs before I insert the pipe cleaner. It makes a huge amount of difference in preventing the pipe cleaner from poking through. Floppy heads are a challenge, but I have had good success once I figured out the “fixes”. Fully stuff the head and body — that means a lot of stuffing so it’s quite firm just don’t stuff so much you pop the seams. This is critical. When you are ready to start sewing, press, the head down to the body as you ladder stitch around the two. I always have to go around several times making sure the I move my needle up 2-3 mm with each round. Eventually, you will have a perfect non-wobbly head! Let me know if you have any questions.

    • Emily says:

      Thank you so much for your reply Judy! I really appreciate you taking the time 🙂 I have gotten better at attaching the head after a bit of practise but I hadn’t thought about putting stuffing in the end of arms and legs so I will definitely do that next time. I loved your work, your finishing is so well done and you have made so many wonderful dolls! You have inspired me to get back into the sewing room and make some more 🙂


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