Holiday Day Project Challenge: Foxy Girl

With the madness of the Christmas period finally over, I ended up spending some very hot summer days in my craft room being distracted and generally very unproductive. It’s annoying to have the time to create only to end up with nothing to show for it but an increasing alarm for the well being of the residents of Midsummer County with it’s exceptionally high murder rate.

So in an effort to motivate myself I set a challenge to complete a sewing project from start to finish in one day. I had plenty of felt and a few Ginger Melon patterns I had bought in the holiday sales so I chose the Peak-A-Boo Fox pattern and got started.


It wasn’t as smooth sailing as I had hoped, especially given the temperature, my very unergonomic chair and my cat Ash’s contribution, hence my resorting to some left over Christmas bubbly for comfort and encouragement. 😀

Helpful assistance by Ash followed up by a more bubbly assistant to get this project finished

Helpful assistance by Ash followed up by a more bubbly assistance to get this project finished!


Ta-dah! Here she is!

What a foxie little lady!

What a foxy little lady!


There are a few things I learnt from this experienment

1. Hand sewing takes FOR-EV-ERRRRRRR. I plan to do a tally of how many hours it takes on my next project to get an idea if its viable for selling.

2. I love felt because it doesn’t fray, but I am still having issues with the white breaking apart and bleeding fibers into other areas.

3. I need to be better at storing my creations away from rogue stuffing/cat fur/fibers. I left this one on my desk, then chucked it in with other dolls and it has lots of tiny fibers on it. It’s a fairly small doll but I still notice it, especially when doing the photos. Grrr.

So that’s it = CHALLENGE COMPLETE! If you would like to try this pattern, you can pick it up from Ginger Melon’s Etsy shop.

Have you started on any projects over the holidays?

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