Instagram Creative Challenge #abirdaday Review

31 days later and here we are – a full month of #abirdaday paintings and drawings complete!


Lets begin with my final image of the creative challenge – my favourite birdie the Stone Bush Curlew!

Stone Bush Curlew drawing

“Wooooooowoohoooo” says the curlewie! <3

This was such a good challenge! Looking at so many beautiful birds, seeing patterns in my work emerge and beginning to feel proud of what I was producing was a really great outcome.

The final collection of Instagram pics from #abirdaday

The final collection of Instagram pics from #abirdaday


1. Definitely need to continue setting creative challenges – since finishing I have hardly done any painting or drawing!

2. I {heart} detail. I need to embrace that.

3. At this early stage of learning and practising I am using the supplies I have, but I can really see the benefits of getting some good quality supplies and how I will be able to develop my artwork further with the proper tools. (start saving….!!!)

4. I loved the ease of taking photos on Instagram and not fussing too much about the quality – the point was to create and document. The only thing was that most of my photos were taken at night on my iphone 4, so combining the low light and my hand shakes, it made for some blurry photos when looking at the enlargements. I would love an iphone5, but I am really trying to reduce the waste I put into the world, so while I WANT a new phone, I dont need it. So I will continue with iphone for Instagram and get back on my DSLR document my favourite ones.

Take a look at the full collection and tell me which one is your favourite #abirdaday? 😀

instagram abirdaday creative challenge

~ Emily

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