Playing with Fimo Polymer Clay Jewellery

My sewing machine is making funny noises and making a big mess on the back of my fabric and I cant figure out why! I also realised that I perhaps may not, … ever…. have had it serviced, which you are apparetly suppoed to do regularly – WHO KNEW?!! 😀 So with that in mind my sewing machine it has been sent off to the repair man for maintenance and repairs and will be back in three weeks…


So with some free time now up my sleeve I decided to give another craft a go –  polymer clay beads! It is quite therapeutic rolling each ball, but I did then get frustrated when I left fingerprints on the bead (is it weird that I think about people stealing my identity from these balls?! Did anyone see the CSI episode where the guys used his hand to create a fake arm prop which then left his fingerprints at a crime scene? SEE, it could happen!!!)


Fimo - bead making 7 Mary 2015

Fimo - display 10 May 2015

I also got frustrated by uneven sizing, so I did get the scales out to try and even out each ball weight. They came together nicely though and I strung together some necklaces in some bright colour combos, plus a few earrings as well. It was also around the time of Mothers Day/Mum’s birthday (on the same day! Double present ideas – urgh!) so I created a necklace and earring set for her. Trying to glue the leather into the silver clasps was bustmychops (so cross your fingers it stays together long term). The glue also has a warning ‘Toxic, use in well ventilated area –


HOLY CRAPOLA! I did used it and hold my breathe, but I also touched it when it blobbed out so hopefully this jewellery making doesn’t result in my premature death! That wouldn’t be the best outcome for a mothers day present…

Fimo - mothers day 8 Mary 2015

Anyway, lets just say while it was fun, I couldn’t image rolling a bazillion beads all day long, so I think that will be the end of my polymer bead escapades.

Have you tried a craft that just wasn’t for you?

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