Making a Reggie: My softie competition entry – David Bowie!

If you have been following my instagram you will have seen that over the past few weeks I have been making a ‘Reggie’ – a doll to submit to the first ever Reginald Award for softie portraits. I have been soooooooooo excited about this competition and been racking my brain trying to decide who I could choose to do a portrait of.

If you read this previous post, you would already know about my love of David Bowie 🙂 But it wasn’t until last year when I watched the documentary David Bowie: Five Years in the Making of an Icon that my interest was sparked in discovering all the colourful and unusual personas he created through out his career.


The softie for the Reginald Award had to be created from an original pattern so I decided to start my foray into softie designing with a very simple outline shape and add the character details to the key features. David Bowie has had some very complex costumes in his time (!), but I decided to keep it simple and chose David as he appeared in the music clip to ‘Life On Mars?’.

From concept to completion - David Bowie softie

From concept to completion – David Bowie softie

Because of the chunky human form I had chosen, I decided to go with a more interpretive way of presenting his features, especially since the video is so blown out you can’t see much detail anyway!

You might be wondering where the nose is...I have officially decided I don't do noses - they never look right!

You might be wondering where the nose is…I have officially decided I don’t do noses – they never look right!


Overall I am pretty happy with the way he turned out!! I love the face especially, but I can see there are a lot of areas for improvement. I think he jacket isn’t long enough and some of the seams I sewed in blanket stitch would probably have been better in applique or back stitch.

David Bowie - Life on Mars?

David Bowie – Life on Mars?


Making a Reggie has been so much fun! I am thinking I miiiiiiight be able to squeeze in another go before the deadline and make something even better to submit instead… but I know my procrastination level, so no promises there!

Are you making a Reggie too? Tell me how you came up with you design!

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3 thoughts on “Making a Reggie: My softie competition entry – David Bowie!

  1. Sue. Reggie's little helper says:

    We LOVE your Reggie! And I particularly love that you really enjoyed making it. Is it OK if I re-blog this post? And would you mind if I used some of your David Bowie softie portrait pics as promotion for Reginald? I just had a meeting with the Reginald team and we were oooo’ing and aaaa’ing a lot over your instagram pics! Feel free to send me an email if you like! Thanks SO much for joining in with the Reginald spirit!

    • Emily says:

      I have already send you an email but THANK YOU! I loved making him and I would love you to share!! Thank you so much and thanks for the competition for inspiring me to get sewing!

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