Social Media Anxiety

Getting Carried Away and Making it About ME

Emergerd my last post was a bit aggressive wasn’t it?

“F**k the algorithm!” – clearly I was all the bad feels that day! 🤬 The good news is I feel I have turned a bit of a corner and am feeling much less angry? resentful? about the whole social media thing.

I am not sure what has changed. I did unfollow people on Youtube and tried to be more conscious on Instagram, but I didn’t really follow through on only using the app for business and I still watched a fair bit of content. What I did find was a whole array of artist who were posting on social and doing it authentically and naturally and maybe that gave me both hope – I don’t need to be making this such a huge drama in my head, it can just be what it is for me.

I have definitely been conscious of spending too much time up my own arse in the past 12 months and I think many of these blog posts have been a therapeutic outlet to process these thoughts and see them in reality. And this is what I am continually realising:

All these worries were just small molehills of my own making!

Despite this revelation, I know well enough that in no way have I lost all these uncomfortable feelings, but just gained a little perspective perhaps. And I know that my focus has to remain on doing the work and I am finally knuckling down and working on my first canvas painting series! 💪

Sorry if that last post was a bit much, but if you are feeling the feels and you want some lovely people to follow on Instagram that will help put humanity back into your feed, here are some of my faves below.

And if you have any recommendations I would love to hear from you!


JAMIE BECK – American photographer in Provence, France.
If you have read any of my other posts, you will know that I LURVE Jamie. Not only does she makes absolutely stunning photographs, created with thought and feeling, she also generously shares her process, her inspiration and her life online. I watch her stories religiously (totes not a stalker tho!!). She epitomizes living a creative fulfilling life (and in France no less!) ❤️

MARIE WIIKNorwegian florist currently in Chateau La Lande, France.
I ‘m not really a flower bouquet enthusiast, but Marie has a passion for flowers that is irresistible and her lovely loose and wild bouquets are really stunning.
I love how she shares her days in Insta stories, her thoughts on her blog and her musings on life on her Youtube channel. (She is also a currently a resident at my favorite YT channel Chateau La Lande in France!)

JACKLYN FOSTERAbstract painter in Geelong, Australia
I have only just found Jacklyn, but she has shown how it is to be real and funny and be a boss at making her art dreams happen! She is super inspiring and I hope one day I can be on social and enjoy it as much as she seems to!

KAYTE FERRIS / SIMPLE & SEASON –  Creative business coach in Wales, UK.
Kayte is the host of Grow With Soul, a thoughtful and calm podcast about finding a way to run your creative business that suits you – without the “should-do’s” (riiiight down my alley!!) It’s my favourite podcast, but in between episodes she shares thoughts on clarity, mindset and some beautiful Welsh scenery.

SUSANNAH CONWAY – Writer and teacher in London, UK.
I only found Susannah recently through a recommendation to do her “Unravel Your Year” workbook. Its a fabulous way to review the year and look forward and best of all it is free! However I stay on Insta for the cat pictures and the hilarious curated Tiktoks she shares (so I don’t have to join get lost in more random videos)

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