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Setting Myself a Creative 30 Day Challenge

In February 2020 I was just kicking into gear with my newly formed art business. I had settled into our new place, sussed out local markets and other local creatives and was in the planning stages of my first market when COVID appeared on the scene.

Along with most of the world, the ensuing lockdown put a huge dent into my motivation and direction. Suddenly my plans didn’t seem viable with no markets on and who was going to be buying art at this certain time?!

Since then I have watched A LOT of Youtube and tried not to worry about the future until we knew a bit more about what was happening both locally and around the world. It felt very weird, because despite my daily life hardly changing (staying inside, binge watching tv and messing about on the computer was a pretty standard day in our house!) but everything now felt out of place. I should be using this time to get creative and make stuff, instead I felt as heavy as a sack of potatoes – no energy to move and mush for brains.

Since then I have journalled a lot and while contemplating how I could make my life a little better, I realised I needed something to challenge me. I needed an expectation to meet to drive me to create. I actually started my painting journey by doing a 30 day challenge I named “Underwater April” and had tried to follow that up with a month of butterflies that some how fizzled out at the time.

Seemed like a good idea to resurect, so Butterfly July 2020 was born.

So here are the plans – to create an A5 Australian Butterfly painting each day for the month of July. The size seems reasonable to do in a couple of hours and I will upload a picture of the painting to Instagram each day after it’s finished and have them available to sell on my website at the same time. Hopefully it not only gets me back into creation mode, but I get some social traction and a few sales in the process as well.

Wish me luck!

I will upload them online for sale after each one is finished. You can find them here!

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