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How Much Time Should I Spend on Social Media as Creative Business Owner?

The good news is – it might not be as much as you think!

There are many marketing gurus out there telling you more in more when it comes to social media marketing.

Post every day.
Post THREE TIMES a day
Make sure you do Reels, Lives, Stories, Snaps, Tiktoks, Tweets, Reshares, Pins, and Posts!
You can see the list goes on and on and is pretty overwhelming.🤯

I think this is a toxic strategy for many reasons:

  • This is sold to you that you should always be doing more, and if you’re social media isn’t a success, then its because YOU didn’t do enough.

  • It scares people into paralysis. It feels like it has to all or nothing, which I know is not logical, but it can be a major block in actually just getting started.

  • Its just not true. What is true is that no one really knows the algorithms that govern social media, and even when someone figures something out, things are continuously changing.

What is most important for a creative business owner like yourself, is to turn up online authentically. And how you turn up is actually, fully, completely


If you don’t want to be there, then don’t. It will show up in the quality of your content, in the authenticity of your interactions and in your ability in making a constant effort in producing valuable content. So what does that really mean?

It means, if you need it, I am giving you permission to not be on all the social media platforms.

I am even giving you permission to be on NONE of the social media channels if that’s what you really want! It is possible to run a successful business that way, many people do! But then why are you even reading this blog?! Maybe because you are feeling all the feels, but want to find a way to make it work without messing up your mental health? Then read on…

The question to ask yourself is WHY you don’t want to be on social media.

What about Instagram is triggering you? How is Twitter effecting your emotional state? Why do you feel negative thoughts using Facebook?

For me, some of the answers included experiencing imposter syndrome, feeling that I am not good enough, which lead to spiraling despair in feeling there was no point even trying. I have also felt jealousy over others success and anger over other peoples attitude and actions.

Identifying these triggers can really help in two ways. Firstly by implementing ways to remove those elements that provoke negative thoughts, and secondly by helping you clarify how you do want to show up online.

If you want more detail on how to find your triggers, I wrote a post Practical Strategies for Instagram Anxiety and Addiction.

The second step is to be realistic about what TIME you are willing to put into social media marketing.

Everyone has responsibilities outside their business, whether it be family, study or self care, you need to be honest with the amount of time and effort you can commit to this process.

That means one blog post a month is enough.

One Instagram post a week is ok.

Choose what is comfortable for you to create and then commit to it. Just the same as doing your taxes or putting the bins out, just sit down and get that little bit you can do done. It might take you longer to reach your business milestones, but that’s ok.

Because starting small is better than not starting at all.

I also wrote a post on the power of just starting, called Starting Something Is Right Here. I tell you, I have been through all of this myself, several times over!

So there you have it, it’s time to stop asking the guru’s how much time and effort you should put into social media and ask yourself. If we wanted to do the grind, we would have stayed in our 9-5 jobs being told what to do, but as creative business owners we actually have control on if, how and when we use any tool in our business.

So have you experienced similar issues when it comes to using social media? If so how do you use social media and maintain your mental health at the same time? If you have any helpful ideas, I would love to hear from you!

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