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Ok, confession time.

Before I decided to take the plunge into being a full time artist, I was a marketing manager. So I know how to take photos, write captions, schedule posts and plan a content calendar. And yet I haven’t posted on Instagram in four months. Or painted anything in four months either.

I know what I SHOULD do, I just feel completely overwhelmed by the idea of it having to DO it all.

So I am writing this blog as a way to work through my fears, my mindset, my habits and my limiting beliefs.

I wrote this little ‘diary entry’ essentially, after having a bit of an epiphany. The idea of social media and crafting the perfect image of me and my work was crippling me – it literally stopped me from creating anything. I just ruminated on what I needed to get done while mindlessly consuming content under the guise of ‘research’.

So let’s start here:

Dear Diary: October 2020

I just spent the last hour trying to take pictures of myself on a self timer and after scrolling through the photos I realised I am placing way too much pressure on myself to document my process in order to create “content”.

I haven’t painted since the end of July – four months ago. 

For some reason last week I found some inspiration and bought eight canvas’ for a new series and yet it’s now Saturday morning and I haven’t even unwrapped them. I kept thinking I have to capture the empty canvases so I can post that I am back with a new project, but I think it’s actually just a form of procrastination.

After taking the photos and feeling disheartened, I got on Instagram to look at the artist I follow to see what and how often they post and you know what?

They post their WORK.

Ok and occasionally themselves when they are working, but that’s the point – they are working! So once again I am reminded to JUST DO THE WORK.

I know that seems obvious, it is just that coming from a visual storytelling background (I previously worked in marketing and filmmaking) the expectation to capture all angles to tell the story is ingrained and I can see now that I need to let go of that.

So I will.. now… off to paint!

These thoughts above were the catalyst for getting me started on creating this blog, so I wanted to put them here as a reminder of where I am and so that I can hopefully look back and appreciate how far I have come on this art business journey.

I hope it maybe helps you too.

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